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Monday, November 30, 2009

melissa + paul | lubbock engagement photographer

Wow, already back from Thanksgiving vacation!! It was wonderful, but it sure does feel good to be back and getting back to work...AND getting ready for Christmas!!!! So awesome!! Aric & I hung our stockings, decorated a little, and had our first fire of the season! It was wonderful!!

Anyway, last week before we left we had so much fun hanging out with Melissa and Paul for their engagement session!! They are some die hard Texas Tech fans and had one of the most unique engagement stories we have ever heard! The more unique the better!! :)
And I'll just warn you before the pictures start-you might wanna get your shades out, because these two are HOT!... :)
Enjoy some of our favorites!
aric + casey

Dear Melissa,
You're Beautiful.

laughter is the BEST

a nice "mom" shot... :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

strebecks | family

So if you've been following our blog for any time at all, then you will know just how special these two are to us.  and I could talk for days about them, and all the reasons we love them, but instead I'm gonna focus on one thing that I noticed while we were shooting some fun family pictures for them.  And that one thing is...they are in love. Real, Honest, Selfless, True Love. They are laughing constantly, cracking jokes, having fun, supporting each other, enjoying life... And still after a few years of marriage they look at each other like no else exists...
Aric & I are truly blessed. To have friends, and family who are such incredible examples of love. Constant reminders to love and laugh harder. 
So without any further ado, here are the Strebecks- Jordan & Brittany (and sweet little Deuce the laberdoodle) and just a few quick edits I finished before we left for Chicago early this morning!! I'll probably want to show you guys some more when I get back...they are just too cute together...
aric + casey

perfect family picture! :)

love this one...

don't mind if I do take it as a HUGE compliment when people ask Brittany & I if we are twins... She is HOTT! Cut it out, Brit.

all that comes to mind when I see this next picture is...
Jordan & Brittany sittin' in a tree...
K-I-S-S-I-N-G... hahaha...

love this next one too...


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

paige + scotty | midland wedding photographer

Paige & Scotty had a beautiful wedding this past weekend at the Mid-Cities Church in Midland, TX. Their wedding was extra special to me for a few reasons.
1.- Paige and Scotty are just awesome. period.
2.- This was the very first wedding I (Casey) shot by myself without Aric!
and 3. The beautiful, wonderful, talented, sweet...did I mention beautiful and talented? Brittany Strebck came along to help me out, calm my nerves during formals, let me borrow her equipment, teach me a few things, and just make the day that much more enjoyable!
The day was flawless. Paige kept saying..."Everything is perfect, it's just how I always dreamed it would be..." But then again... how could everthing not be perfect when it's your wedding day...and you're marrying the man of your dreams...
Enjoy some of my favorites from their day!
aric + casey

while Paige was getting her hair done...Scotty's brother brought her a gift from him... It was the beautiful pair of diamon earrings below, and all the girls oohed and aahed over them... Way to go Scotty!!

make-up time is always fun!

The guys lookin' all studly...

and the beautiful girls!

Scotty sayin' his vows...

Sweet prayer after the unity candle...

And someone looks excited to be Mrs. Bartlett!!

we got to sneak away for a few portraits of just the two of them... and the golden sunset was makin' our job easy!

a toast in the limo on the way to the reception...


super fun ring shots...

and no reception is complete without a rockin' dance party!... :)

*Thanks again Brittany! for helping me out with this wedding! :) You are awesome!

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