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Sunday, May 31, 2009

the first look | why?

if you were to ask me a year ago if i would ever consider seeing aric before the actual wedding ceremony and walking down the aisle...i would have said NO FREAKING WAY.
after all-isn't that like THE moment you have been waiting for your whole entire life? To see the man of your dreams standing at the alter waiting for you-and even more than that- seeing HIS FACE when he sees you, his bride, for the very first time in your white wedding gown looking as beautiful as ever... yep-that's THE moment. it's the one we envision as little girls and dream about every single day until that day that it actually happens.
So if that is THE moment, why in the world would anyone think it would ever be a good idea to have that moment-before the ceremony?

well, i'll tell you why! ;)
1. My number one argument for the first look is OBVIOUSLY- the pictures are way better! :) There's no garauntee that capturing the picture of his face when he sees you is going to be easy. Some venues won't even let us on the ground level or we are simply too far away and although you may get the experience for that split second-without the photos of it-you won't remember it 10 years from now. When we set up a first look we always try to choose locations with the best possible light-for the best possible pictures. period.

2. The first look (at least in my opinion) is 10 times more intimate than having that first look in front of 300 of your wedding guests. Chances are, his look will be more genuine. He will be more expressive knowing that you are the only one seeing him (and not all 300 family, friends, or people he doesn't even know)

3. The first look gives you pretty much the ONLY alone time you will have with your groom on your wedding day-(besides after the wedding, of course) It's the one chance to see him, have him see you, and then actually get to sit down, talk a little, and relax some before the rest of the day unfolds. HELLO--you don't get to talk to him and hear what he has to say about how darn BEAUTIFUL you look when you are standing at the altar...I'm just sayin'...

4. We get to take all the formal portraits before the ceremony; therefore, leaving you and your guests the freedom to head straight to your reception without having to wait around on getting pictures taken. It takes pounds of stress off of everyone's shoulders (including your photographers!) :)

5. Just because you have a first look- doesn't mean that when he sees you for the first time walking down the aisle is any less special. You still get that moment. And you get to experience it with less stress, less expectation-which makes it that much sweeter. It's a win/win situation.

That is why-Aric and I are going to see each other before our wedding ceremony!! It's actually one of the things I'm looking forward to most about our wedding day. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about how I look in my dress. I can't wait to get to hug him and kiss him (without a million pairs of eyes on us) and just as importantly-I can't wait to look back at the pictures of his face when he sees me for the first time...
We will never force our clients to do this, we understand the whole "traditional" thing, and we will respect that- but we will highly recommend this because-well-we've seen it. and we know that it works. I have yet to meet a bride that has regretted taking the first look, I've only ever heard great things about it. So there you go-that's my little insight on the first look-take it or leave it... :)
aaand because pictures are always better than my own explanations-here are a few images from previous first looks that we have captured...
aric + casey

Saturday, May 30, 2009

finding | inspiration

hopefully i'm not scaring all of you with these midnight posts on friday and saturday nights! LOL. I promise I do have a life other than sitting at home on the weekend and working!
its been a slow week, and with aric out of town this weekend i've had a lot of free time on my hands and i simply do not know what to do with myself! :)

i've been evaluating life in my downtime lately. and its been sweet.
with photography-i feel like its easy to get into a rut, to feel uninspired or like you are taking the exact same picture over and over again. i feel that way often. i want so badly to use my photos to inspire hope and excitement in people, and when i'm not feeling it myself-i feel like i'm letting you all down. it can be a constant battle, but as i struggle through it im learning more and more about where my inspiration comes from and frankly- it's simple.
it's simplicity. it's real. it's beauty. it's honesty. it's passion. it's love.
and it's looking for and finding those things in each new person i meet and in each new challenge i face.

tonight was the last "girls night out" with my best friend before she becomes a MRS.! she is also the bride who's pictures i cannot share with you until after June 20th so instead enjoy some photos i snapped of her tonight while we were hanging out. i tried to edit each picture differently and never use the same action twice-i'd love to hear what you think...

*****and one last thing-i was thinking about doing a weekly...or maybe bi-weekly before and after with at least one picture and share some different steps i take to edit different pictures. several of my favorite photographers do this and i love it-so just curious if anyone would even be remotely interested!!-(leave a comment and let me know!!!) :)

i lied-one more last thing-seriously? tell me you cannot wait to see this beauty in her wedding gown?!?!....

Friday, May 29, 2009

miscellaneous | in b&w

sorry for the lack of posts lately. we took our last mini-vacation last week before my summer school started and weddings got crazy, and this week Aric has been designing a ton of albums all week, and i've been pre-editing the beautiful wedding from the post before this and some bridals that (sadly) i can't share with you all yet so i've been neglecting our poor blog a bit.

aric is in denver for the weekend to be a groomsman in his friend Shane's wedding. (who by the way is an awesome graphic designer...just fyi :)) so i'm house-sitting for the weekend which is dangerous because i've been redecorating the whole house so hopefully he doesn't kill me when he gets home! LOL Just trying to get it ready for me to move in, in August!! ;)

soon i'll post the before and after pictures of our office that we are in the process of making! woo hoo!!

anyway-there's really not much point to this blog except to say hey. i've been playing around with black and whites a lot lately and have decided that I love them. I have yet to find the perfect action, or the perfect set of steps to take in photoshop to make the perfect black and white but it's been fun trying! ;)

i took these pictures last week while we were in dallas visiting my family on our mini-vacation...ENJOY! :)

loved the texture and the way the light was hitting this peice of wood...

my gorgeous sister and her baby puppy dog-Duke (i swear he's a puppy-he's 9 months, even though he looks like a full grown giant)

I didn't have any good pictures of my mom to post on mothers day so I decided I better get one for next time!!!! I love my mom! She's the most beautiful, amazing woman I know...

aaand, I couldn't resist posting this one, it was too fun to turn black and white so I left it in color!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

kaci + chris | wedding

wedding days for aric and I are somewhat bittersweet. the day is a whirlwind of excitement, anticipation, a few tears, and tons of laughter...then when its all said and done we're a bit sad to say goodbye to the couples (and their families) that we have grown to love and care about. i feel like I talk a lot about the wedding process and getting to interact with our clients-but for me, that's why our job is all about, and i truly consider so many of our clients real friends after the wedding day is done.

kaci and chris met in college. what began as a friendship grew into a mutual adoration for one another and the rest is history. she jokes that he just couldn't stay away...and he doesn't deny it. they married at the beautiful old Methodist church downtown and had their reception at a new venue called The Legacy. they're wedding day was perfect. and yes, we were sad to say goodnight to them, but so excited for them to get to start their lives together!

kaci, if you ever want to go play around with your camera and take some pictures- i would totally love to go with you! LOL
we hope you all enjoy some of our favorites from their wedding

aric + casey

we'll start off with getting ready...

love this time lapse that aric captured. his creative juices sure were flowin' that day! he's kind of amazing and stuff...anyway, back to the picture...:)

now some detail shots...

kaci wore these awesome bright orange heels...i mean come on. how cool is that?

getting the dress on...

loved this one of all the girls oohing and aahing over how gorgeous she looked in her dress...

chris gettin' ready...

and the studly men...

beautiful and fun girls!

more details-the flowers were beautiful!! Celebrations did an awesome job!

on their way to the back of the church!!!!!!!

waiting in the prayer room before...

loved this one for 2 reasons- the face of the ring bearer, and the face of Kaci in the background as she's getting closer and closer to finally walking down that aisle!!

told you the church was beautiful...

Mr. and Mrs. Kennann!!!

seriously? love jumping pictures.

aaaand, favorite portrait of the day

awesome cakes at the reception

this grandma was a dancin' fool! she was out there almost every song! I loved it!! (look for her again here pretty soon...)

no reception is complete without the YMCA!!!!

and LOTS of it!
^^ yes, grandma did get out there and do the YMCA too...she's officially my hero...

and there they go...happily ever after...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

kaci + chris | teaser

man oh man-this wedding was SO much fun!!! and there are SO many awesome pictures that we want to share!! we are having a hard time narrowing them down for the blog-but I promise, they are coming soon!! :)
here's one for now-to hold you over...
aric + casey

paige + scotty | engagement

These two are getting married in November-and we simply cannot wait to shoot their wedding. Last Sunday we took them out for their engagement pictures and we had a blast!! We got to chat about their wedding, what's coming up for them in the next few months, and their plans after marriage...we talked about how they met and found out that scotty has an impecable abililty to make paige laugh until her stomach hurts.
They both graduated from Tech with their Pharmacy degree the day before their session so they were all smiles!
Hope you enjoy a few of our faves!! :)

aric + casey

this next one is proof that we can take pictures for all the moms out there too! :)

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