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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

We are headed to Ft. Worth today to spend Christmas with my family, so we are officially on Christmas break!, then to Austin for our first wedding of 2010 after the new year- so...
Merry Christmas to everyone!! Enjoy time with your family and loved ones!!!

And we'll see you all again in 2010!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

our wedding | blogged

I know, I know... It's probably getting old hearing about our wedding...
But...I had to share!! Our friends/wedding photographers over at Table4 blogged our wedding!!! Including a small video clip from our trash the dress experience, and also the downlow on how we met Jason in the first place...and just how awesome he is! :)


brittney + taylor | sneak peek

excited to share this wedding with you!!!

brittney | bride

This beautiful girl had a big day on Saturday! Not only did she get married to the man of her dreams...but she also graduated from Texas Tech the same morning!!!! Talk about a day to remember. Their wedding was a great one to end the year on... (more on that later) but now, here's the beautiful bride!!!

favorite #1 below...
You're GORGEOUS Brittney!

her dress was so much fun!

favorite #2

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sorry! + a Wedding

I'm bad at blogging.

There, I said it.
And I'll be honest, It's not really that I've been too busy- (I mean I have been busy...) but it's just that... I'd rather watch a movie with my husband, or try and cook dinner (because I'm even worse at that), or read a book (because I haven't given myself time for that in a LONG time...) or work really hard on finalizing details for all the new stuff that's coming.

I've already begun making a New Year's resolution list, and man oh man is it a LONG one... Sheesh, who knew I had so much improving to do to my life?! Haha!

Anyway, I had the absolute pleasure of second shooting a wedding for the lovely Mrs. Strebeck this weekend. You can head on over to her blog to see even more awesomeness from this wedding.
This couple was truly an inspiration, and their wedding ceremony was as Brittany put it, one of the most God Glorifying ceremonies I've ever been too. It was absolutely wonderful.
Enjoy a few photos! :)

I never use sepia photos, but for some reason, I was inspired to try it out! What do you think?!

Brittany hard at work...

the theme for portraits for this wedding was sunflare...you will see what I mean in a minute...

the girls had a GREAT time getting ready! :)

there she is hard at work again!

and I stole this image from her blog, to show you the outcome- gorgeous!

beautiful girls...

just about to walk down the aisle...

communion together...

and then, yes, the very first thing they did as husband and wife?
lead all their closest friends and family in worship. it was breathtaking.

LOVEd the outfit change!

Monday, December 7, 2009

attn: all future brides and grooms!

Whether you are considering the First Look... of even if you've never even been interested in entertaining the idea....
PLEASE read this!!!

This is real life feedback from GROOMS...yes grooms, who had a First Look on their wedding day and WHY it was so great! :)


And P.S. all past grooms...beware- I may be emailing you soon for your own input! :)

Sorry in advance for the lack of posts...especially this week...
Did I mention we are rebranding?!?!...sooo...new website, new blog, new logo, new brand, new name?, new everything is in the works...And...we've got so much to get done! :)

aric + casey

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

happy birthday! | sister

Today is my big sister's birthday!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNDSAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If any of you have grown up with siblings, you know the ups and downs you go through. You basically hate each other when you are little, can't stand each other, get on each others' nerves, and then you grow up and realize just how special it is to have someone there-that will love you, be there for you, and do all the girly stuff with you... (at least for sisters...) :)

I was THAT younger sister. Always wanting to do what she was doing, hang out with her when she had friends over, follow her around like a little puppy dog, make her take me places when she could drive and I couldn't. :) Can't you just imagine how LOVEABLE I was!! haha

Regardless, she was there. Loving me, protecting me, teaching me, and being an example for me. Lyndsay is the kind of person that will do ANYTHING for someone else. Her heart is bigger than the great state of Texas...or something like that, and I'm just so very lucky to have someone like her to look up to.

Anyway, just wanted to wish her a happy birthday today and tell her Thanks for being...well...awesome! :) And if you know her, you should too!

PLUS- a few pictures of her...duh!

us at my wedding!!!! :)

Her and her sweet little family...well at least my brother-in-law, Jacob, is sweet...not so sure about Duke...hahaha

and then just her... a couple pictures I took earlier this year...

You're beautiful, Lynds!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

breanne | senior

Among other fun stuff that we did while we were in Illinois for Thanksgiving, we got to have some fun shooting some senior pictures for one of Aric's cousins! Small town Illinois has some awesome character and fun backdrops to shoot! :) While everyone else thought nothing of it, Aric & I were in love with the super tall corn stalks that were everywhere. I mean, what a perfect backdrop?!... I guess we can understand- last week before we left we shot a beautiful bridal session and she wanted to take a few shots in the middle of her Dad's cotton field. Holy Smokes! Those were the coolest bridal pictures of all time, garaunteed! Seriously.
Anyway, back to Bre- she totally rocked it out for her session and braved the freezing cold (at least in my opinion) in a dress and short sleeve t-shirts. She was a trooper!
She was also our first 2010 senior! Which means...its time to start booking senior sessions!! Don't wait till April to do it! This year we will be having a cutoff deadline so start thinking about your senior pictures NOW! :)
Okay, onto the eye candy- Enjoy some of our faves!!
aric + casey

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