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Thursday, July 30, 2009

in | mexico

that's where we have been. and that's where we will be for another week!  we are getting married this Saturday the 1st!!  We left in such a hurry that we didn't get a chance to set up a automatic email response!  So we thank everyone in advance for your patience in our getting back to you!  This is the first chance we have had free wireless internet, so just wanted to check in and let everyone know what's goin' on over here!!  We will be honeymooning in Mexico until next Thursday, flying home, driving to Austin and shooting a lovely outdoor wedding there before we will be back in the office and back to the daily grind!  :)

expect lots of pictures when we come back!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


dear blog friends,
i sheepishly sat down to my computer to write this blog like a puppy that knows it's in trouble and walks up to you with his tail between his legs and those big puppy dog eyes just begging for forgiveness...
so please do forgive us for the lack of blog posts lately- I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off doing a million different things and it feels like none of it is allowing me to produce any work to show!! :(
and the scariest part is, we are leaving the comfort of our home office for good on Wednesday and won't be back in it until August 10th?!?!?!...
life is crazy.
but life is good.
i have no complaints, except for that maybe time is passing me by to fast...
I'll leave all the life, wedding, and work talk be for now, and give you guys something fun to look at!! :)
This is half of the images I had planned to blog for Melissa and Andrew's wedding. Of course, in the process of finishing the other half, photoshop freaked out on me and basically stopped working... (YAY!!! perfect timing) so anywho-we're going through the process of uninstalling and reinstalling it so that we will be back up and running the last few days we are here...

so for now, enjoy a few more shots from melissa and andrew's beautiful day- and be looking out for a few images from brandi and Brett's wedding, and also a last minute engagement shoot before we head out-

yay for new pictures!!!

melissa and andrew were married at the GORGEOUS Sky Creek Ranch Golf Course in Keller

loved the outdoor set up

some details

Andrew's reaction at the "first look"... Gosh, I love those!

and Melissa's...

one of those sweet moments together during the first look...

you may kiss the bride!!

Melissa's neice has a voice to die for! and she sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the reception...it was breathtaking...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

melissa + andrew | wedding teaser

melissa and andrew are the type of couple that remind you to take a deep breath, relax, smile, and enjoy life. they are fun and quirky, and so sweetly in love...
here's a little tease from their wedding day on July 4th! :)
aric + casey

haley + ryan | lubbock wedding photographer

my brain is on overload these days. so forgive me for such a short post. we just got back last night from ft. worth and i'm feeling SO behind...on editing, blogging, wedding planning, cleaning, organizing, i could go on and on...
thank you all for being so patient with us! we'll be working hard these next couple of days to get some orders and weddings out!! :)
we just had a blast with haley and ryan. them and their families made us feel right at home, and their wedding day was a beautiful one! it was our very first "early" wedding and I think I could get used to those! we were done shooting by 3:30 and had the whole afternoon to relax!! :)
enjoy some of our favorites from their day! and be looking out for some teasers from Melissa and Andrew's wedding from this weekend!!
aric + casey

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

one | month

No, I don't have any pictures ready to post-still working on Haley & Ryan's wedding- but I just thought I'd share our excitement!!! Today is the 1 month marker until our wedding and we're SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)
We're also excited to be heading to Dallas tomorrow to pick up Aric's best friend and Best Man to hang out for the weekend, and also shoot a beautiful July 4th golf course wedding while we're up there!!  So we will return all phone calls and emails when we get back on Monday! 
Happy 4th of July!!!!

aric + casey

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