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Thursday, June 26, 2008

tag team

I have my final exam tomorrow--(pray for that A!) So Aric graciously cooked dinner and did some work to let me study for my test. We took a little break to go visit our friend Aaron up at Starbucks, and do the whole coffee shop "thing" where I studied some more and he did some more picture editing. (I've just gotta be the luckiest girl around--i know) Anywho, I got tired of the studying and took a much needed break to help Aric edit...
The past couple of weekends he has been traveling all over to some of his friends' weddings... Now what could be a better setting to break in his new camera than takin' a few pictures while he's there?!
So during my break from studying we did a little tag team--the following (AWESOME) pictures were taken by the main man himself and they were edited by yours truly. : )
We've never really done that before so it was fun! Anyway, I just wanted to share these for now, he's working on a whole batch from all the different weddings and he will post them later on, so come back in a few days for those!

aric + casey

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

cute little | nose

: ) isn't it?!  haha, this would be Abby.  Not my dog. Definately not Aric's dog.  But who wouldn't love this little cutie as their own? Abby is my roommate's dog, and she's just the sweetest addition to our little home--and don't let Aric fool you with his tough guy front, he's totally a sucker for her... Now if only I could get her to look at the camera...I'd have some better photos to show you of her-- maybe next time...

danielle & andrew | engagement

I can't quite put my finger on it... whether it was the way he looked at her as she talked, or how they laughed together, or how perfectly she fit in his arms, or even the ease with which they reacted when we asked them to whisper in each other's ear for some natural laughing and smiling for our pictures... Just something-after hangin' out with this couple for a few short hours - radiated love and care for one another...

The excitement in their voices grew more and more noticeable as they spoke about their future plans. After already taking a job and picking out a place to live here in Lubbock, Andrew got word back that he was accepted to Grad school in St. Louis! Danielle spoke so proudly of her fiance, "If he got in, that's where we were going..." No questions asked. So that's that. These two are headed up to St. Louis after they are married. What an exciting adventure to embark on as newlyweds! And even more exciting for them, the fact that they are both huge Cardinals fans!

We are shooting their wedding next month, July 12 at Mid-cities church in Midland and we could not be more excited!! So for now, enjoy some seriously rockin' engagement pictures and as always...keep comin' back for more!

aric + casey

Sunday, June 22, 2008


For the lack of posts lately.  It's been a little crazy around here.  Finishing up with school, working on orders, attending weddings of friends, and working full time jobs--we're finding it a little hard to breathe sometimes.  Plus having a few technical difficulties with the ol' computer (it's time for a clean...) Don't give up on us yet! I promise a post with lots of pictures at least by the end of the week-if not the middle!!  
...aaaand if it doesn't happen, I give you permission to send Aric all sorts of dirty emails telling him to hurry up! hahaha, just joking-don't do that...
But DO, check back in a few days--for some totally rad aric alan | photography originals!
They are coming I promise!  

And in the meantime--since I have no pictures right now...head over here- to my old blog, for one of my favorite recent shoots--(in case you haven't seen them before!)

: )
aric + casey

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a little father's day | fun!

I may have mentioned before that I got to go home for Father's Day! It was loads of fun! So I thought I'd share a few shots from the weekend...and I know Aric has plenty to show from his weekend in Colorado...Maybe we'll get to see those--some day... : )

the cutest little waterbug ever...

Haha! Lyndsay's smiling dunk!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy | Father's Day!

Today was Father's Day! And I actually got to spend mine with My Dad and grandpa, so it was a good one!!
I seriously have the best Dad in the world. I'm not being ridiculous...I just really do. I was the biggest Daddy's little girl when I was younger--He was my favorite person in the whole wide world-who scared away the monsters under my bed, prayed with me before bedtime, let me fall asleep in his lap, and gave the biggest, best hugs EVER. Then I went through one of those ridiculous teenager phases-where Dad just wasn't as cool anymore--but he was still there, rooting for me at every basketball game, asking about homework, taking care of my car, slipping me a little extra cash for the movies, and still giving the biggest, best hugs EVER. Now, after I grew out of that silly phase, I realize that Dad, after all, is pretty cool. I just stinkin' love my Dad so much. He's the smartest, kindest, most patient, handsome, handy-man around. He still pushes me to be my best, takes care of my car, asks about school, helps me pay for the rent & crazy gas prices and yes--he gives the biggest, best hugs EVER.
Dad-I love you! Thanks for ALWAYS being there--even when I was ridiculous--, and loving me the only way a Father can! You've always been so full of patience, and have taught me so much about Sooo many things. I feel more and more blessed every day to have a Dad like you.- A real representation of our heavenly Father. Happy Father's Day!!

And Happy Father's Day to Poppy! (My grandpa!) I'm so thankful for you, and love you so much. We are all so lucky to have such an awesome grandad. Thanks for all the trips to the lake, and fishing, and eating catfish, and for always keeping us laughing!

Friday, June 13, 2008

outta | town

Aric and I are gonna be out of the LBK for the weekend... and I add sadly we'll be out of town separately! : (
Aric is off to Denver to be the most awesome usher ever for one of his friend's weddings, and I'm headed home to hang out with the coolest family and best Dad ever for Father's Day weekend!! : )

I'll leave you with another from Danielle & Andrew's session--just to keep you wanting more! (I know the anticipation is killing you...it's killing me too!) ha

I promise lots of pictures when we get back! : )

Have a Happy weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

danielle & andrew | engagement

here's a quick edit from our session tonight with danielle & andrew! We are shooting their wedding in Midland next month...and boy are we excited!! I just KNOW Danielle is going to be ONE stunning bride!-So I canNOT wait for their wedding!!

anyway-more about this awesome couple in the next post when we have more pictures! :)

p.s. Aric looked like such a stud shooting with his new baby-- and I was pretty fond of the difference between my camera and the new one he gave me! :)

upgrading | is fun!

Today is an exciting day-for several reasons... But one in particular is the most exciting...

We are getting a new camera!!!!! Yes indeed. Aric got himself a D300 (click for all the juicy details on this rockin' camera) to replace his D80, and Boy, Oh Boy I can't wait to steal it from him!! haha (just joking) But seriously, we love our Nikon cameras! & ever since the trade show at WPPI in Las Vegas we have both been lusting over that beautiful D300 camera with all of it's revolutionary details and what not...
So he finally caved and got one-as for me...I've got a bit of saving to do (taking donations if you'd like to help out-ha!) before I can jump on that bandwagon-but I do get to have his D80 now!!! (So basically-new camera for both of us!!)

It IS an exciting day!!...

Plus we are shooting some engagements tonight!-what could be more fun than that?

Can't wait to share some of those--and of course some of the random snaps I can sneak of Aric with his new camera!! Check back for those later!!

And just so this post won't be completely boring with no pictures--here's a little shot I took of Katy's shoes during her Bridal session...(I soooo wish I could post them all...but that's apparently bad luck or something--haha)

Anyway-Hope you all are having as blessed a Wednesday as we are!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

bridgette + brad | wedding (for real this time)

If you know Bridgette, this story would not come as much of a surprise. Brad, the tall, handsome, track athlete, had caught her eye from across the room, and there was no stoppin' her after she had her mind made up. Brad had sat down at just the right table, little did he know how right that table would be. That's where they met, Bridgette was Brad's waitress, and after a night full of flirtatious comments, and laughing, he knew he had to do something-so he asked for her phone number. And so it began. They soon found out they were attending the same college, and from then on they were inseparable. These two are fun people. Bridgette being the loud and crazy one, while Brad, being more reserved and quiet, just nods and smiles proudly in the direction of his now beautiful wife.
It was truly an honor to be a part of this wedding. We are so thankful you guys took a chance on us, and allowed us to photograph your wedding- our very first wedding. There are so many great images, we don't even know where to start or stop with the editing-so get ready for a LOT of totally awesome pictures with this post!

Hope you guys had a GREAT time on your honeymoon! And we wish you all the best as you start your new life together!! Enjoy! :)

aric + casey

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