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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

lyndsay | just because

Anyone who knows me will tell you- I have a photographer/girl crush on Jasmine Star. She's an amazingly talented photographer based out of California and I stalk her blog every day- waiting for beautiful new pictures and honest, poetic words that she writes her blogs with.
Just last week she wrote a blog and posted some pictures of her twin sister and I thought to myself as I was reading it- that sounds just like me and my sister!!!
She spoke of the perfection that seemed to embody itself in her sister while she was left with none of those good attributes. And that's my sister for you.
She's beautiful. Inside and out. With the most loving, caring, giving heart anyone could ever have. Talk about having it all...she was the straight-A student, the captain of the basketball team, a leader in our youth group, and the list goes on and on...
I always wanted to grow up and be just like her. But so far all my trying to hasn't gotten me anywhere. She still has to remind me when Mom and Dad's birthday's are, and when she buys a gift she puts my name on it too-she's always looking out for me even when I don't deserve it!

When I initially wanted to become a photographer- I wanted to do it-to make people feel beautiful. I wanted to allow girls to be super models, and guys to be rock stars and give them an excuse to laugh a whole lot!!!
This past weekend Lyndsay came down for one of my showers...and I took the opportunity to take her out on her own little "mini" shoot to make her feel beautiful too.
Seriously though- I'll let the pictures do the talkin!

She's also the one that got those blue eyes...psh...

helloooooo super model!

i love this last one of her-this would be my definition of her...

Monday, April 27, 2009

crystal | maternity

Finding a good hairstylist is like finding pure gold for some girls. I really never used to care much about my hair, I'd go through cycles of growing it out and then cutting it off and growing it back out again. But mostly I kept my hair long, so getting it cut and styled was never a huge deal. For my sister, though, things were different. She needed a good hairstylist...ALWAYS. So when she met Crystal for the first time it was love at first cut. She drives back all the way from Dallas still just to have Crystal cut/color and style her hair. So like any good sister does, I stole her secret from her and starting having Crystal cut my hair too!
Basically, she's a miracle worker. And she's the sweetest person you will ever meet, so combine those two attributes and you've got yourself someone you want to call a friend.
When Crystal told us a couple months back that she was going to have a little baby, my immediate reaction was...WHO's gonna cut my hair??!?!?!?! LOL But after she assured me that she would be back after the little one was born I was much more excited!
Aric has taken an oath swearing to never do maternity sessions-but I just couldn't resist-I told Crystal I wanted to take some pictures of her and her adorable little baby bump! And last week, we finally made the time to take her out for a fun little maternity session.
And can we all agree...that baby Tucker is going to have the hottest mom on the block?! ;)
Crystal brought some fun props, and she even brought her current babies-her two puppies! I loved the way this session turned out!
and I hope you guys do too!!


love this little family picture!

kaci + chris | engagement

From the moment we met with Kaci and her mom to talk about wedding packages, I knew she was gonna be a blast!! We spent 2 days last week hanging out and photographing Kaci for her bridal and engagement pictures and first impressions do mean something! Because we had a blast!! We laughed pretty much the whole time we were shooting. Kaci has the most awesome laugh, and Chris certainly knows how to make her laugh! We are so excited to be a part of their wedding day next month!! The day is going to be beautiful, and we have already witnessed Kaci is going to be a beautiful bride!!! Can't wait to share the bridal portraits with you all!!
Enjoy some of our favorites from their engagement session!!
aric + casey

Sunday, April 26, 2009

kaci + chris | teaser

we had a blast with these two. and we're so excited to be shooting their wedding in just 3 short weeks!!! AWESOME!
here's a little teaser...just for fun.
aric + casey

Friday, April 24, 2009

melissa + andrew | engagement

Have you ever met those kind of people-that are just happy? You know, they laugh, and smile, and make you feel like the world isn't such a bad place after all?
Well that's how I felt when we met Melissa and Andrew. They are happy. And in love. And getting to be a part of their love story is one of the most exciting things for Aric & I.
From the way Andrew looks at Melissa you can tell how much he adores her, and it's plain to see that the adoration is mutual.
We met up with these two for their engagement session in downtown Fort Worth the day after Jeanie and Justin's session. They both work at XTO Energy (where both of my parents work!! cool!) so we started at the XTO office building and then found some cool places around there. Right next door to the office building there is a huge piece of property where the TV show Prison Break has been filmed before. It was so cool inside...too bad all the gates were locked and the no trespassing signs were everywhere! Oh well...
We are shooting their wedding on July 4th at a BEAUTIFUL golf course in Keller and we can't wait!!
Enjoy these favorites from their engagement for now!!
aric + casey

p.s. I just realized that I edited these in .tiff mode- that probably doesn't mean much to most of you, but basically that's the reason that they may seem a little washed out-I promise they have the same beautiful color that all our other pictures have-still trying to get used to this new computer!-I'll try and re-edit them, but I couldn't wait to post these until then!!

towards the end of the shoot we asked Melissa & Andrew what they spend a lot of their time doing-and they both said "We're always on our phones!!" LOL-so we had to get a shot of that!

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