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Monday, May 11, 2009

dave | musician

Ever meet one of those people, where you just have to say their first and last name together- EVERY time you talk about them? For me, those people are usually a friend of a friend, or an acquaintance, or even my best friends' high school crush...and for some reason I just can't say their name without adding on their last name too.
That's how it is for me with Dave. Aric calls him Dave. He'll get off the phone and start going on and on- "Well Dave did this, or Dave wants to do that." And I always have to correct him- "You mean Dave Dunn?" Maybe that's because before Aric ever really introduced me to Dave, I only knew him as "David Dunn - The musician." David Dunn-the guy who played music at Sugarbrowns, or the guy who all my friends seemed to have a crush on.
Even after knowing him as Dave for a couple years now- I still have to call him by his first and last name. It may take a couple more photoshoots before I'll be able to call him by his first name only. :)
Besides that weird little quirk I have, Dave is an amazingly talented musician. The first month I owned his CD I didn't take it out of my car stereo- and anytime Aric and I take a roadtrip to see our families- we usually pop his CD in for part of the drive. He's amazing. And I don't think he has a shy bone in his body. Ask him to sing for you, and he'll do it. On the spot. (Which was amazing for us, because we got our own little private concert during his photoshoot!) :)
He's in the process of cutting his second album-(which I can't wait to get my copy) but for now, you can check out some of his music on his myspace page here.
and go ahead and enjoy some of our favorites from his shoot below! :)

aric + casey


melanie pittman said...

These are super awesome! You captured his style perfectly! Ya'll should do more musicians!

Lain Eubank said...

I love the location and processing on #2. And #3, AWESOME negative space! The tree in the background of #14 is sweet. That picture is just like and explosion of life. Great work!

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